To Continue, Or To Quit?

debra bannister best friends painting

Seven thousand followers and yet how many friends?

If I were homeless, would you lodge me in your home?

I were starving, would you share with me your food?

If I were dying, would you donate me your bone marrow?

If I ran out of salt, would you mail me your tears?

If I were to publish a book, would you read it?

How many of you grownup men would shake my hand and tap me on the shoulder?

How many of you lovely women would pay my hat a compliment?

How many of you seniors would remember me an hour after reading this?

How many of you would forget?

Alas, some of you know me better than my mother, though we have never met,

And yet I fear I am not your friend.

Can you ever give me more than likes and comments?

Your Gravatar is cute but yet…

Would you mind if I closed this blog?

To continue blogging or to quit,

That is the question.

Please answer it.


PS: Psychologically speaking, encouragements coming from well-dressed women count twice as much as those from spectacled or bearded gentlemen. No hard feelings.

Image copyright: Debra Bannister.

67 thoughts on “To Continue, Or To Quit?

  1. Please don’t quit your blog! Most of us read, but we don’t comment. That doesn’t mean we don’t look forward to every email we get!

  2. The digital word is bizarre, correct? It can make one feel uber connected/close/needed and “fill-In-the-blanks.” And is NOTHING as compared to being truly connected in real-time and real-life. But I think both worlds bolster you up. So. I think we need both!!!

  3. Why do you blog? If you are looking for deep, lifelong friendships, a blog is not the best way to find them. Those sorts of connection require real world interaction. It is theoretically possible to foster deep relationships online I suppose, but these are exceptions. A blog would be an inefficient way of finding such deep friendships. So, if you are looking for such connections and need more time to do so, perhaps giving up the blog is appropriate.

    If you have a more modest goal, however. Say, to share your writing with the world, then a blog is an excellent option. You write well and your writing gives many people pleasure. That is a fine thing in and of itself. And you will receive a level of support from your readers. They will perhaps not sacrifice for you as they would a lifelong friend. However, they will offer encouragement when you encounter struggles. Some will share their own struggles with you and the community you’ve built to buoy your spirits.

    I enjoy reading your blog. For my own reading satisfaction, I certainly hope you continue it. But don’t let it be a burden to you or a hindrance if you need to focus on more important things right now.

  4. “To continue blogging or to quit.” That’s your doubt because you have seven thousand followers and don’t have many friends… Well, it’s like Reesh wrote: “Most of us read, but we don’t comment. That doesn’t mean we don’t look forward to every email we get!” Doesn’t it count to make you keep blogging? Seven thousand followers will miss your words, boy. And other thing, “Can you ever give me more than likes and comments?”, maybe I’m mistaken, but are you expecting more from someone in particular?

  5. Every time I see a new post of yours, my heart tap dances. Dear sir, I would complement you on your hat. I would seek to know you. I would look for what makes you tick, and search for it unendingly. Boy with a hat, you don’t know that you are not a boy anymore. You are a man, and this blog undoubtedly helped you get there. I beg you, do not stop. I can’t have my tap dance cut short. I fear my tears would come at last. I would bottle them up and send them to you, should you ever face a tasteless soup again.

  6. Most certainly please do not discontinue your beautiful, wild, and clever writings that provide a bright spot in an otherwise dreary email account, as well as a great happiness in my life. You have inspired me to write myself, not only that reminder, but a beautiful liife enriching change. I find you fascinating, actually. And to answer your questions above, yes, I would love to get to know you, and the hat would stand out in a crowd of boring bowlers and sad stetsons. I am a fellow hat enthusiast, and my heart bleeds with your poetry, paintings, and stories in the nicest way it can.
    Thank you. Continue good sir, tally ho, allons-y, huzzah!

  7. You have magic at your fingertips.But you are also very young and so enthralling others might weary your spirit occasionally.But your magic has entered our souls.How can we do without?

  8. Do you enjoy blogging? Then keep doing it. Are you tired of blogging and struggling to find a true purpose with it? Then give it a break – and allow yourself to return to it if you miss it. Is “continue or quit” really the question …?

  9. You are appreciated in more ways than any of us can express. I love reading your poetry and thoughts on painters and artists. You are delightful, and if you happened to live in California, USA, I would invite you to lunch regularly.

  10. I’ll add my half vote to Jay’s that you continue on. I’m not donning a dress just to say it twice as loud.Friends need to be cultivated but if just 1% of 7000 are friends you’re way ahead of most people already.

  11. The purpose of blogging is to give you an outlet for your thoughts, a venue for vents and a place to register your thoughts. Need friends in cyberspace is redundant. No one is a friend, just an a passing person in the night with little substance but an occasion nod that you are good. The real question is what do you want? Does blogging satisfy a feeling in you? Then blog on. If not what a waste because you are good at it. The rewards are in getting your thoughts out there.

  12. Sweetheart, people like us connect easily with words and spirit, with abstract beauty and beautiful thoughts.
    And people like us might be a little awkward or shy or even absolutly not compatible when it comes to everyday life and its prosaic social interactions.

    So you write for your mental sisters and brothers. That´s a lot, and, how I get it, highly appreciated by what was the number? 7000! people.
    And I´m sure, some of them, let it be just a dozen, would give you shelter, friendship and more.

    Because against every doubt real friendship can be formed between minds, no bodies necessary.
    So if you don´t wanna write for the thousands you don´t know, write for the dozen who truely feels connected to you, little darling!

    It might not be obvious from my gravatar picture, but I´m an incredible well-dressed lady, so my opinion counts at least triple… 😉

  13. hmmm I’m going to take this title as the “I say what I don’t mean” part. 🙂 Your words are very well written and respected, that is what 7,633(and counting) followers means. Keep it up! Nice hat.

  14. I so enjoy reading your creations and will surely be saddened if you stopped sharing the beauty of the written word according to a Boy With a Hat. Know if you quit you will be dearly missed if you carry on know you continue to intrigue, inspire, entertain and be a blessing to many.

  15. Please don’t quit! It’s ever selfish of me to say but I adore your posts and feel like I can relate to your journey. Shit most times I sit there and am going through the same things. I write about that stuff and it’s nice to see another write about the same thing. I started my blog because I needed to get the nasty stuff off my chest and it’s helped me substantially. I can’t help but think that though your reasons may or may not differ from mine you too must feel slightly better by expressing your emotions through that crafty way of words you have.

    That said you’ve always got to do what is right for you, so perhaps a little vacation from the blog world is in order? To help you assess what it is you really need.

  16. as you’ve stated quite clearly and repeatedly… it is up to you whether you are able to quit or not :). and i’m guessing if you quit this blog you will still continue…

  17. Sounds to me like you are ready to quit, but sort of putting it off. Blogging uses up some of your life, and no doubt each Blogger has to decide if it’s worth it. New Posts get harder, I expect, as time goes on and the writer starts to feel written out — in the minimalist Blog format, at least.
    I’ve only recently started a Blog, and I already feel some of the doubts I’m describing. On the other hand, you’ve had phenomenal success on this site, far more, I presume, than most Bloggers achieve, so is that a special consideration? I don’t know. Possibly not.

  18. Your blog is one of my favourites and I’d definitely miss it! Don’t you dare quit. Unless you want to drown in the tears I’d be forced to mail you

  19. Alright Vincent, I’ll tell you like it is. So many new blog followers never stop by again. I think when they start blogging, they don’t realize they’ll get an email every time we blog. They think it’s like Tumblr or Instagram and don’t realize the commitment.
    But this community is the very best. Like all communities, we have to get to know each other. When I blogged about my upcoming surgeries and indicated the concern for my lymph nodes, one of my newest blog followers sent emails to my commenters. 65 of them wrote Susie Strong posts on the day of my surgery asking for readers to send prayers or positive energy. Many of these bloggers are Recommended bloggers and have tons of followers like you. There were reblogs as well. That day, I had no idea this was going on and felt like I was going to the spa. After the surgery, my onkotype (indicating whether I’d have chemo or radiation) came in at half the % from the biopsy. No chemo. No radiation. Clear lymph nodes. A miracle? Yep. I think so. Check out my Bosom Buddy Blogroll.

    I am up to my eyeballs in edits for my book and work for a class I’m taking and yet, here I am reading and commenting and getting to know you.
    I hope you’ll stop by my Wild Ride. 🙂

          1. I was wondering if you got your test results back yet Vincent?
            However I gather that you are still blogging….I found you via the weekly writing challenge….and reading this post and your replies felt like a cry for something of substance. A possible brush with cancer will do that every time 🙂

            1. Haven’t been to any doctors lately. If I have what I think I have, the only way to diagnose it would be a biopsy, which I don’t plan to undergo anytime soon. So I take it for granted that I shall die in the not to distant future.

              1. Vincent, you do know that most lymphomas in young people are highly curable? It would seem a shame not to take a cure if it was available…..
                Are you afraid of the biopsy….or is it a financial problem?

  20. You might be exceedingly shy, but there is no need to shy away from the real world. If you want people to know you, you’ve got to give them the opportunity. Put yourself out there so that they can discover you in person. I enjoy your blog and would be sad to see it go but if you feel you need something more out of life, go look for it. You will find that the world is not a scary place, and people can be fun and interesting to talk to. I was very shy till I was about 25 then I thought, why bother? You must be getting to 25 soon, so now it’s your turn!

      1. Hi again, apologies for the late reply. I am sorry to hear this; I hope it proves not to be the case. Mental strength and composure is important; if you believe you can do something, or can beat something, your chances of triumphing are better than if you doubt yourself. So, live in hope and belief. And enjoy your outings, cheers

  21. I would miss your fifty word stories. And it might help to have an understanding of why you write this blog. I write mine for myself, as an outlet for my own spirituality. It’s great when people read, but if no one read it or “liked” it or followed it, I would write it anyway.

    1. Your are confused. Please! Quitting smoking — is that failure? Quitting a war that should never have been begun –failure? Quitting a task so that other tasks more important can be continued! Think harder, think better.

  22. Never quit, dearest Vincent. Never. While your blogging friends may live far and near, they really do care. At least this one does. She will make it to Romania someday… And she needs your mailing address.

  23. “How many of you seniors would remember me an hour after reading this?”
    haha. that would be me, but what does it matter if I forget? It is the pleasure received being in the moment that counts!

  24. ‘To be or not to be, that is the question.’ I choose to be, and if I could, I would also choose for you to be. But in the end, it’s really up to you.

    (However, that said, I have yet to properly meet you and I believe that if I do not have that chance, my mother will have to exclaim, like poor old Mrs. Bennet, that, ‘I will surely die of a broken heart’!)

    And sir, I very much like your hat.

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