Hey You!

Park Bench in Herastrau

Why do you read this when you could be reading so many other things instead? Is it because you are hoping to find here something useful, fun, romantic? Is it out of solidarity with someone who has veered off the common path in order to write as a way of life? Or are you just … Continue reading Hey You!


Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation…

You know how that feels? Like I have to wait at your door in uncertain weather while you make up your mind whether to let me in or not. By the time you decide, I may be gone from your blog, gone from your life for good. Are you going to run a relevancy check … Continue reading Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation…

Hey, I’m Sorry About It

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry about it, you know? I’d really like to read your blog. But I never seem to find the time. I know you're putting a lot of effort into it. I know it takes time. Maybe you even plan things ahead and deny yourself simple comforts to do it. I admire that. … Continue reading Hey, I’m Sorry About It