Body Awareness

woman on a chair beach painting

How aware of your body are you as you read this? When we are not preoccupied with the external world, the world of the senses, we tend to live in our head, among our thoughts. Unless we exercise, make love, shower, or experience physical pain, we can go about our business every day without being much aware of our body.

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5 Essential Books and Resources For Writers


woman writing painting

Writing is for the most part a solitary endeavor, something each of one of us has to figure out on our own. While it’s up to us to find our voice and say what we have to say, there is much inspiration and lots of advice to be had from a few books and resources. I’m not speaking about the proliferation of “how to write” books available today, but the timeless words of writers who have stood the test of time.

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10 Reasons You Should Talk to Strangers

painting people street walking keith doles
(c) Keith Doles

Spontaneous interaction with people we don’t know and may see only once in our life can be a simple and warm pleasure. The trick is to step graciously over the social custom of street indifference, like a red-shoed woman over a murky puddle, and speak.

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