Why Do Some Women Go to the Cinema Alone?

woman alone at cinema film black and white photograph

Every now and then, I put on my hat and go to a small cinema where they screen mostly European films. Each time I notice without fail at least half a dozen women scattered among the audience, seated on chairs like islands, with two or more empty seats around them which never fill up.

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(Un)Comparing Ourselves to Others

Painting woman mirror Nikki Basch-Davis
(c) Nikki Basch-Davis

For many years I compared myself to others and suffered because of it. That’s what we tend to do: determine our significance — or lack of — by comparing ourselves to those around us and their achievements. We were raised that way and taught at school to do it, and the competitive nature of modern society encourages negative comparisons every day.

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On Being a (Highly) Sensitive Person (And Not Minding It Too Much)


Noises, busy places, crowds, televised violence, nosy people, loud people, shouting, rudeness, or injustices of any kind all touch a painful spot inside of me. I am a sensitive person — I cannot help it.

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