Share Your Writing

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Sharing your writing with others takes courage. You expose yourself to criticism. You show the vulnerable side of you. You speak up your mind in a way others may not agree with. You give up control. It can be frightening, but also liberating.

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How Thinking Less Can Improve Your Writing


When you plan your writing, you try to fit it into a mold. You search for the right words instead of letting the right words find you. You try to tame it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a post or a novel that you’re writing. You may see it through to the end, and it may even be good, but will it sound your depths? Will it go beyond the cliches that your mind has picked up from other writers? Beyond all those literary devices that make it read like a story everyone has read before?

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The Benefits of Reading a Book Twice

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There are so many interesting books out there that reading the same book twice may seem like the ultimate indulgence. But the benefits justify it.

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