Let’s Talk About… Your Toothbrush

Is it colorful? Does it have an easy-to-grip handle? A tongue and cheek cleaner? Fancy circular bristles that clean even "the inaccessible spaces between the teeth?" Or even better, charcoal bristles? Maybe it's electric and does most of the work for you. (Not that you couldn't manage without the electric motor, right?) And don't you … Continue reading Let’s Talk About… Your Toothbrush

What Does It Mean to Love Someone?

Love’s such a big broad word these days that you can easily smack someone in the head with it. After all, some people LOVE hamburgers. What’s the point of trying to define a word that, some would say (not necessarily I), has been defaced by use? A word that means everything and nothing at the … Continue reading What Does It Mean to Love Someone?

Meet Beethoven–Not the One You Think

I may have a certain reputation as a cat person. In fact, a psychotherapist friend once joked with me to be careful not to become one of those "crazy cat persons". I like to think I haven't, at least not yet. And if there are any doubts, I think this post will dispel them. You … Continue reading Meet Beethoven–Not the One You Think