Woman at the window painting Laszlo Gulyas
(c) Laszlo Gulyas

As the years go by, we tend to develop different habitual modes: work mode, home mode, weekend mode, vacation mode, out mode, and even fun mode. Thoughts and emotions become actions, actions become habits, and habits all too often pile one upon another to become set routines or “habitual modes”. Even the most spontaneous people are susceptible to these modes because it’s so much easier for our brain to replay the tried and tested than to improvise. A bit of newness every once in a while, then, can help keep us fresh.

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The Best Birthday Gift

Gift woman painting Kirk Richards
(c) Kirk Richards

With my birthday just around the corner, I thought I might as well buy myself a well-deserved gift or two, some tea and books of course, in anticipation of the gifts others will likely give me. For birthdays have indeed that power to summon you into the memory of people who are usually too occupied with their own lives to trouble themselves too much about you. But then I thought, why do we need birthday gifts?

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Things You Can Do with a Book, Apart From Reading It

Woman reading painting by Shaun Ferguson.
(c) Shaun Ferguson, “Books 2”

You can forget it in some bookshelf or other for many years, so that one day your children or grandchildren can pick it up by chance and remind you of it.

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