On Positive Emptiness

(c) John Register Painting of Emptiness Chairs
(c) John Register

Do you ever notice the empty spaces between and within things? The diamond holes in a chainlike fence, the empty space within your room, the emptiness around an interesting person on the street, an emptiness out of which she or he seems to have materialized before your eyes?

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The Writer’s Workout

woman running painting
(c) Pablo Romero – Woman Runner Painting

As writers, we may be writing blog posts, articles, stories, schoolwork, research papers, or sales reports constantly, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay glued to our desks all day. Writing may be a sedentary activity that ties us to a desk most of the time, but at the same time it can offer us plenty of opportunities to be active, and often, even give us the rare benefit of a flexible schedule into which we can easily integrate exercising. In between writing sessions, as well as before and after them, we should make an effort to stay active.

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The Writer’s Diet

Woman eating

Athletes have healthy diets, and so should writers. Writing well gets easier when our belly is healthy and our brain and body are both well oiled. There’s a growing body of research that suggests we have a “second brain” in our gut, that the bacteria in there contributes a great deal to our physical and mental health, and that if it’s not taken care of, our whole body suffers. As writers, we should take that into account.

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