Manoli’s Three-Legged Misadventures

Imagine my alarm Wednesday morning when, just as grandmother was about to go to the hospital for surgery, I saw Manoli hobble about on three legs. Manoli is an outside cat. He is free to climb fences, conquer roofs, and meet other cats as he pleases. If one day he shows up one ear lighter, … Continue reading Manoli’s Three-Legged Misadventures


13 Good Blogging Habits That Will Keep Your Blog Alive

1 Post at least once every week. Make regular posting your first and most important blogging habit. It may take a while until posting regularly becomes a habit, but keep on at it. Whether you run a personal blog or a commercial one, you need plenty of content. 2 Post on the same days. If … Continue reading 13 Good Blogging Habits That Will Keep Your Blog Alive

Young and Thrifty

In the world we live in there's always the temptation to buy sham happiness. I try to resist it. The yogurt we buy doesn't put on our face the happy smile of the model advertising it. The sports shoes on the billboard don't make us better runners. And even the latest bestseller from a familiar … Continue reading Young and Thrifty