An Unsigned Letter in Your Letterbox

The Letter, Painting by Elizabeth Crabtree

I know you. You like to keep to yourself. You like silence. You read every day. When you come across a word you don’t know you look it up. You often linger at the window.You make out the shapes of clouds. You like it when the wind combs the trees. You like it when it’s … Continue reading An Unsigned Letter in Your Letterbox


The Solitude of Being a Writer

Man playing the piano in solitude

If you hate solitude, you probably have no business trying to write for a living. You’ll end up hating writing. And you’ll make yourself and others miserable in the process. Writing is, for the most part, a solitary endeavor. It doesn’t matter whether you write online content, copy for an advertising agency, poetry, or novels. … Continue reading The Solitude of Being a Writer

Summer in 19th Century Painting

If you have a moment, let us take a stroll through the world of painting and experience summer as the artists of the 19th century saw it, from Edouard Manet to Edward Charles Williams. The following paintings all evoke summer in one way or other, even if summer was not necessarily their chief subject. Some … Continue reading Summer in 19th Century Painting