A New Year (Less Strange Perhaps)

new year fireworks painting

It was a strange year, wasn't it? Many things may have happened to you--a few too many. Or maybe nothing happened to you--you've postponed your plans, canceled your trips, put your dreams on hold. Maybe your life has really come to a halt this way. Still, was it a bad year if you're here reading … Continue reading A New Year (Less Strange Perhaps)

I Guess I Still Believe in Santa. Do You?

When we were young, it was easy to believe in Santa. Now that we’ve grown up, it’s easy not to believe in Santa. He’s going to take off his costume when he goes home. And pull off his fake beard. And maybe he’ll pass by us on the street before the New Year comes to … Continue reading I Guess I Still Believe in Santa. Do You?

The Quiet Joy of Snow

Monday I awoke to a light snowfall. I sat up in bed and watched it now on an old pair of fir trees that take up much of the window. On Tuesday it kept on snowing. The first snowfall of the year always brings with it a warm and happy feeling. When it does happen, … Continue reading The Quiet Joy of Snow