Another Snowless Christmas

Another snowless Christmas in Bucharest—I’ve gotten used to them, but still… If it wasn't for the tree mother set up in the living room, the decorations in the shops and on the streets, and the Christmas Market under the Palace of the Parliament, I may not have even noticed the coming and going of Christmas … Continue reading Another Snowless Christmas

Being a Freelance Writer—Is It for You?

Woman at a desk working

Thinking about going freelance? Maybe you don’t want to work in an office for a company. Or you want the control that comes with choosing the projects you take on. Either way, working from home can be liberating. That said, freelancing comes with challenges of its own. You need to find your clients, manage projects … Continue reading Being a Freelance Writer—Is It for You?

7 Blogging Myths You Can Safely Disregard

man reflected in water -- blogging myths you can disregard

Many people say many things about blogging, but not all of them are true. Whether you’ve been blogging for years or are new to this noble pursuit, some blogging myths can cost you time and promote some bad blogging habits. Take these myths to heart, and you may not enjoy blogging as much as you … Continue reading 7 Blogging Myths You Can Safely Disregard