15 Great Books That Can Change the Way You Live and Think

  Next time you find yourself before a wall of books in a bookshop or library choose one of the titles on this list. You won't regret it.  I have read all of these books and I dare say they have made me a better person. Weaving beautiful narratives with life-affirming truths, these titles distill … Continue reading 15 Great Books That Can Change the Way You Live and Think


Time Management for Work-at-Home Writers

You may choose to work from home thinking you will have more time for yourself, only to find out that you actually have less. Or that work stretches late into the day, taking up your whole evening, and maybe even bite into your night. One of the challenges of working from home is managing your … Continue reading Time Management for Work-at-Home Writers

How to Spring-Clean Your Mind

Springtime is a good time for cleaning not only our houses, but also our minds. A clean mind is a better mind. 1 Tidy up your plans and hopes for this year. Label them on paper if you have to. Set goals. Turning them into reality will then become easier. 2 Empty your mind of … Continue reading How to Spring-Clean Your Mind