Reflections: An Upturned World [5 Photos]

The upturned world inside pools and lakes or within glass--do you ever notice it? What if it's not only a play of light on your retina, but the other world of your other self: your mirrored, upturned twin? A world where what does not happen to you happens, darkly. Where the coin you drop on … Continue reading Reflections: An Upturned World [5 Photos]

Versions of You

How many versions of you do you go through every day? Probably more than the clothes in your wardrobe. You change from one person to another, from one setting to another, from one feeling or mood to another. Are you the same “you” with your mother that you are with your friends? Is the “you” … Continue reading Versions of You

What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

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Every day, we tell ourselves countless stories. We tell ourselves the story of who we are and what we to. We tell the story of our future plans and our past sufferings. When we speak about past loves, we conjure a story, too. Do you want to be a successful something or other? To achieve … Continue reading What Story Do You Tell Yourself?