9 Things You Can Do on a Rainy Day at Home

coffee books and postcards on rainy windowsill

Something about the pattering of the rain on the rooftop, the dripping of the raindrops on the darkening windowpane, and the warm dryness inside that makes me not mind rainy weather at all. Rainy days cast a spell on me. As a child, I remember watching from the balcony the linden tree outside our apartment … Continue reading 9 Things You Can Do on a Rainy Day at Home

9 Things Worth Seeing Everyday

Matt Talbert Painting Seeing the World Through Fresh Eyes

Every day we look at countless things, but we see most of them without seeing them while thinking of other things, while living in our heads. Often, it’s not until we receive an important message on our phone, come across a striking photo in our social media feed, or glance at our reflection in the … Continue reading 9 Things Worth Seeing Everyday

Reading for the Sake of Reading

Painting of a woman reading by an open door with flowers and greenery in the background

Reading opens a window into us through which we can see the world in a different light. In my last post, I talked about the pleasure and the benefits of reading every day. Reading doesn’t have to be about accumulating knowledge or facts. It doesn’t have to be about studying or reading to become a … Continue reading Reading for the Sake of Reading