8 Things You May Have to Give Up to Become a Better Writer

Papers lying on the floor

Reading a lot and making writing a daily habit are bound to make you a better writer. But often, it’s not enough. You have to create in your life the space you need to grow as a writer. You need freedom. And to gain this freedom, you have to give up things and say no … Continue reading 8 Things You May Have to Give Up to Become a Better Writer


Summer Thoughts

Painting of sun Abstract Sun by Mrunal Limaye

Time’s wound grows in me With each new passing day. I comfort myself with sky and sleep With words on paper And music that sings Of another’s man’s sorrow. I destroy everything I love Because that destruction Is another form of love. I sit still in the sun all day Learning how to stop thinking. … Continue reading Summer Thoughts

How to Write More Every Day

woman writing by the window

Write first thing in the morning, before you do anything else. If you must go to work, try getting up one hour earlier. Use the tool that feels right to you. It doesn’t have to be your work computer or a computer at all. You can use a typing machine, an Alphasmart, a Hemingwrite, or … Continue reading How to Write More Every Day