Can I Tell You A Secret?

Andre Kohn Woman on the Street

Come closer, so that I may whisper it in your ear…

When I espy a lovable woman walking on the street,

Be her short or moderate or tall,

Be her figure like a pear, or a banana, or an hourglass,

Be her hair fiery or sunny or inky or chocolaty,

Be it spilling over her shoulders like a waterfall,

Or rolled discreetly behind her ear,

Or tortured according to some new coiled and twisted fashion,

Be her ears elfish or a-glitter with earrings,

Be her nails foxy red or widow black,

Be her chest hilly or flat, like a plain,

Be her dress too long, too decent

Or too short, too rash,

Revealing thighs that would make a cannibal out of a fasting monk,

I throw a furtive glance and then walk on, minding my own business,

For fear that she is married or at least engaged,

Yet inwardly I sparkle like champagne,

And bubble, and foam,

Yearning to be

A wine stain on her wedding dress.


Image copyright: Andre Kohn

13 thoughts on “Can I Tell You A Secret?

  1. Reminds me of a folk song which says ‘In my next life I shall be born . as a thread in a weaver’s home and as a sari woven with that thread cling to your body.’

      1. I don’t think it has any title as such;it was sung to the accompaniment of one stringed instruments by nomadic ballad singers called ‘bauls’.Poets have no boundaries,spanning difference of time,place,language they think and feel alike.

  2. I. Love. This. So. Much. I love your’re writing style, I’m always captivated by how you perfectly you manage to stack words upon each other.

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