Shadow Garden

shadow of a man under a tree black and white

Meet me in the shadow garden when the last yellow window falls asleep. Tiptoe past the lilac and the nameless flowers of the night. Wear a long rustling dress let your hair loose come barefoot. But don’t bring your words with you, not even a greeting. Words are what people make when they try to … Continue reading Shadow Garden

Morning birds

Spring Morning Original Painting Art by Sascalia ( Birds in a tree)

They know something I don’t, these early morning birds, chirping among rays of gold and budding leaves. They know it without knowing it, likes trees and grass know growth like wings know air, like spring knows warmth. These birds without a name, unseen but heard, the heralds of another day, they are wiser than me— … Continue reading Morning birds

A Window Without a Face

Have you ever passed under the window of an old, abandoned house? Have you ever looked up, yearning for a beautiful face on the other side of the glass? Something about once proud houses now fallen into ruin that makes you slow down your step. A family once lived there. A man or a woman … Continue reading A Window Without a Face