On Solitude, The Queen

Lynne Roberto

Like a great queen this solitude reigns over me. Every day I do her bidding In silence Or in prose Upon a cloud Or on a bed of thorns. I unpeople the world And wrap myself In a shroud of silence. My monarch leads me on Through deserts and storms Through lands where words grow … Continue reading On Solitude, The Queen

Autumn Twin Dwelling at the Bottom of a Lake

On most days I pass for a man but when I stand in the sun, I am sun. When I walk on the grass, I am grass. When I drink a glass of fresh water I am water. When I love, I am love. When I am angry, I am anger. And when I hope, … Continue reading Autumn Twin Dwelling at the Bottom of a Lake

She Is Wearing White

I waited patiently at the window I waited for the sun to tire itself out For the rains to pass For the clouds to scatter I waited for the sharp claw of cold To grip my little world And all this time I made the window My only work of art. I waited for her, … Continue reading She Is Wearing White