The Artist’s Sensitivity

To be an artist, you don't have to be depressed most of the time, but you do have to nurture your sensitivity. A butterfly flies by. You marvel at it. Music flows out of a window. You catch the notes, you play them in your mind. The clouds assume fantastic shapes. You peer at them, … Continue reading The Artist’s Sensitivity


10 Great Book Covers

You enter a library full of books: fiction, non-fiction, novels, classics, hardbacks, paperbacks, and what not. You have no idea what book you will take home with you. Until you look at the covers, that is. Here are some amazing book cover designs that are hard to resist. (Tap on any image to enlarge it!) … Continue reading 10 Great Book Covers


On your deathbed, it is said, You will regret not the things you did, But those you didn’t do. Not the places you have seen, But those you’ve never traveled to. Not the jobs you’ve held, But those you wished you did. Not the lips you’ve kissed, But those you always wanted to. If this … Continue reading Regrets