10 Best Boy with a Hat Paintings

The Torn Hat Thomas Sully

The word “best” in this title is, of course, subjective. What this gallery of a post features are some of my favorite boy with a hat paintings from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

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Time, Our Mutual Foe

Woman walking in autumn original watercolor painting

Have you seen
a beautiful woman
rushing past you,
her hair waving goodbye,
her skirt flapping about her
like wings?
Was not time
doing her
a great injustice?
Was not time 
mocking you?
Time undressed her of you.
Time did to her
everything he wanted to.


Image: Original watercolor painting (c) AntigoniArtGallery

Sketch of a Boy


Look what a friend of mine sent me recently. She lives oceans away, but writing has that power to connect people. Thank you Kanika!