How Leonardo da Vinci’s Drawing Method Can Improve Our Writing

The epitome of the Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci was, among many other things, a masterful drafter. I believe his drawing method can inspire not only painters, illustrators, or cartoonists but also writers. It can help us write better.  By adapting his drawing method to our writing practice, we could improve not only the precision … Continue reading How Leonardo da Vinci’s Drawing Method Can Improve Our Writing

Hands From the Past

Hands from the past reaching out to us: Ocher red, white, dark, brown, Five-fingered, four-fingered, three-fingered, Hand stencils sprayed on the wall, Ocher mixed with spit, mixed with blood, Blown through hollow bones; Art as a plea for us to remember Ourselves when we did not have faces. Our words now are like hand stencils … Continue reading Hands From the Past

The Artist’s Sensitivity

To be an artist, you don't have to be depressed most of the time, but you do have to nurture your sensitivity. A butterfly flies by. You marvel at it. Music flows out of a window. You catch the notes, you play them in your mind. The clouds assume fantastic shapes. You peer at them, … Continue reading The Artist’s Sensitivity