Writing As a Way to Relax

Reilee Bach Painting The Letter

When we are young, we are taught to write because writing is a useful skill to have in life. As we grow up, we continue to write because we have to—think of school or university. After we’re done with school, we may have to do some writing at work. Maybe we never like writing. Maybe … Continue reading Writing As a Way to Relax

Writing Like Breathing or Eating or Walking

Girl Writing Painting by Robert Tracy

If you could master any writing style, how would you want to write? Sparsely and vigorously, like Hemingway? Magically and enchantingly like Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Flamboyantly like Shakespeare? Tersely like those American crime writers? Impressionistically, like Chekhov? Playfully and inventively like Emily Dickinson? With your pen filled not with ink but with love, like Neruda? … Continue reading Writing Like Breathing or Eating or Walking

The World Within Us

inner world watercolor painting woman portrait profile

The sun rising over the trees and infusing them with light is a wonderful sight. But what of the forest of neurons with their axon and dendrite branches forming together the neuronal landscape that sustains our thoughts and emotions? A cascade and the river into which it flows are awe-inspiring, a scene worth traveling to … Continue reading The World Within Us