What Does It Mean to Love Someone?

Love’s such a big broad word these days that you can easily smack someone in the head with it. After all, some people LOVE hamburgers. What’s the point of trying to define a word that, some would say (not necessarily I), has been defaced by use? A word that means everything and nothing at the … Continue reading What Does It Mean to Love Someone?

What’s Your Blog to You?

woman opening window curtain in shining daylight

A way to share your passion with the world? A log of your travels or of your journey through the world of fashion? A vehicle for personal change? A place of comfort you can always come to? A marketing tool? A way to show off some talent or skill? A safe way to flirt with … Continue reading What’s Your Blog to You?

Coronavirus Conspiracies and My Mother

My mother thinks the coronavirus is a global conspiracy meant to 1) kill off people (because there are too many of us around) and 2) enable those who unleashed it to profit from it and “rearrange the global order”. I tell her the numbers. I tell her that people are really dying, that this virus … Continue reading Coronavirus Conspiracies and My Mother