Quiet Flutter

Calm water ripple photograph

I have no rhymes for you, no metaphors And sonnets are old-fashioned. I could compare you to something beautiful, Compare you to the Moon undressing of her pride To bathe in a turquoise lagoon Garlanded with coral reefs And fanned by palms and birds of paradise. But you are nothing like that You are Swish-whoosh-twinkle-twinkle-flutter-flutter … Continue reading Quiet Flutter


Why Do We Write Our Time Away?

corona typewriter machine on desk

Do we write because we have something to say? Or because we want to find out what we think? Do we write because we enjoy solitude? Or because we are desperately lonely? Do we write because we need to type away the silence? Or because we want to sink deeper into it like in a … Continue reading Why Do We Write Our Time Away?

Musings Upon a Cherry Tree

The cherry tree in my garden is full of fruit. Bright red against a leafy backdrop, the cherries beckon to me.  I am fond of cherries. Not so much of the cherry flavor that they put in ice cream or drinks. But of the fruits themselves, which one does not easily find in stores -- … Continue reading Musings Upon a Cherry Tree