The Warmer Side of a Rainy Window

photograph of a rainy window

It’s good to be on the warmer side of a rainy window. To watch it rain on others but not on you. To float in the dry silence of your own room To have nothing to do Nowhere to go To think of love and death as things that will happen to you on some … Continue reading The Warmer Side of a Rainy Window


Letter Left on the Windowsill at Dawn

Painting of Tree of Life by Gary Soszynski

Life, be kind to me Give me ten years more Give me twenty Give me a masterpiece of words Give me a woman to teach me love Give me nights of passion And quiet breakfasts in bed Give me a thousand great books to read Give me bicycle rides through the countryside Give me work … Continue reading Letter Left on the Windowsill at Dawn

Summer Thoughts

Painting of sun Abstract Sun by Mrunal Limaye

Time’s wound grows in me With each new passing day. I comfort myself with sky and sleep With words on paper And music that sings Of another’s man’s sorrow. I destroy everything I love Because that destruction Is another form of love. I sit still in the sun all day Learning how to stop thinking. … Continue reading Summer Thoughts