15 Things Worth Hearing Every Day

He have ears, we hear things every day whether we want to or not, but do we pay attention to them? Do we really listen?

It’s not only music or the laughter or someone dear that’s worth hearing in life, but all those little everyday sounds that anchor us in the present but which can so easily pass unnoticed…


The chirping of the birds in the morning. At least during the warm seasons when they’re around.


The gurgle and flow of the water in your glass before you drink it. Or in your teapot or coffee cup.


The quiet sound of your breathing when you become aware of it.


The silence during the little moments when you are by yourself.


The happy sound of your teeth as your brush them.


The sound of an old person’s voice, regardless of what he or she is saying and how boring or repetitive it is.


The sound of the pages of a book being turned under your curious eyes.


The sound of your footsteps touching the ground as you go somewhere or return home.


The sound of your teeth crunching an apple or chocolate or some other bit of food you enjoy.


The sound of the wind through the trees.


The scratching of the pen or pencil on the paper.


The voice of someone you hold hear.


The goodbye sound of your day clothes as you take them off to go to bed.


The hushed sound of the night covering another ending day.


The whisper of your pillow wishing you goodnight…

PS: Here are 9 things worth seeing every day.

Painting copyright Jessine Hein.

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