Shh. Let Silence Speak

Can we truly understand another person? Her suffering, her fear, her aloness? When we say "I understand" or touch her elbow gently, can we offer her more than an emphatic response?  We have words and facial expressions. We have eyes and ears and patience. We have writing and phones. We have blog posts. But is it … Continue reading Shh. Let Silence Speak


10 Things I Wish My Parents Taught Me

My father died when I was little. My mother did what she could with me after, but only up to a point. Sometimes I wish that my parents had been more involved in my education. That they took me aside and told me that... 1. Reading can be fun If you're not enjoying it, you're … Continue reading 10 Things I Wish My Parents Taught Me

How to Spring-Clean Your Mind

Springtime is a good time for cleaning not only our houses, but also our minds. A clean mind is a better mind. 1 Tidy up your plans and hopes for this year. Label them on paper if you have to. Set goals. Turning them into reality will then become easier. 2 Empty your mind of … Continue reading How to Spring-Clean Your Mind