Do Self Help Books Really Help?

woman in beige coat standing near white wooden book shelf

Or do they only keep us in a comfortable bubble and create the illusion of betterment and knowledge? The smoker trying to quit smoking. The introvert trying to become more outgoing. The young woman or man having doubts about her or his sexuality. The diffident person trying to make their way into the world... They … Continue reading Do Self Help Books Really Help?

Why Bad Weather Doesn’t Get Me Down (Most of the Time At Least)

Bad Weather Painting

You know that feeling when you wake up but it doesn’t look like morning outside? When it’s so overcast you almost have to turn on the light. When the bare branches of the trees shiver against the gray sky. And people on the streets walk with their head down, sunken in their coats, and then … Continue reading Why Bad Weather Doesn’t Get Me Down (Most of the Time At Least)

The Narrative Self

If I ask you who you are, your narrative self will answer. You will identify with it and tell me about your peak experiences and recent experiences. We have a narrative self in our head that picks and chooses experiences and weaves them into our personal story. As the years go by, our self aggregates … Continue reading The Narrative Self