7 Underrated Benefits of Reading a Bit Every Day

Woman reading in red bed against yellow background painting by Christopher Clark

You know already the benefits of reading on your mind and body, how it makes us smarter and more empathetic, how it can increase creativity and all that. But there are a few other benefits to reading that are easy to overlook. Here's why I think it's good to pick up a book every day, … Continue reading 7 Underrated Benefits of Reading a Bit Every Day

How to Make Writing a Daily Habit

Painting of woman at table with hat and fruit basket writing

Do you want to write but find it hard to sit down and do it? Writing is something worth making time for. As for inspiration, well, you don’t have to wait for it. Consider making writing a daily habit, something you do naturally, without too much thinking or effort. Here are some ideas. 1 Write … Continue reading How to Make Writing a Daily Habit

If You Had One Wish…

Birth of Venus empty painting

If I had one wish (provided say by a wish-fulfilling genie), I would probably wish never to wish for anything. But to be alive means to wish for things, you may say. What sort of life would it be without any wishes in it? The life of an ascetic? Of a recluse? Of a socially … Continue reading If You Had One Wish…