Old Man

Sorrowing Old Man (At Eternity's Gate) by Van Gogh

For three years now my grandfather has been dying in a little room pill by pill diaper by diaper spoon by spoon. He cannot walk. He cannot talk. He cannot breathe. Who can tell his sadness? Who can tell his rage? With what effrontery do we hold him by the nose open his mouth and … Continue reading Old Man


Oh No, It’s (Almost) Valentine’s Day

Does Valentine's Day mean You'll love her a little more today than you did yesterday? That the day after, you'll love him a little less Than you did on Valentine's Day? Does it mean chocolate, gifts, and candles? Discounts for two? If it's not a commercial holiday It sure is a curious way to say … Continue reading Oh No, It’s (Almost) Valentine’s Day

(Un)Comparing Ourselves to Others

For many years I compared myself to others and suffered because of it. That's what we tend to do: determine our significance -- or lack of -- by comparing ourselves to those around us and their achievements. We were raised that way and taught at school to do it, and the competitive nature of modern … Continue reading (Un)Comparing Ourselves to Others