10 Reasons Why I’ll Miss the Lockdown

white window of old yellow house with books in the glass pane

You don’t have to agree with me on this one. Maybe the lockdown caused you great sorrow. Maybe it thwarted your plans. Maybe it bored you. Maybe you hated it. But for my part, it had a positive effect. Here are the reasons why I'll miss the lockdown. 1 Making do with what you have--clothes, … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why I’ll Miss the Lockdown

Shapes of Clouds ☁️

When you look at the clouds, don't you sometimes see shapes in them? But are the shapes of clouds airy flights of fancy? Or breezy reminders of how the brain finds shapes and patterns everywhere, inventing them if needed? In the end, maybe the clouds are just a story of rain that we tell ourselves … Continue reading Shapes of Clouds ☁️

The Problem with (Coronavirus) Statistics

Statistics are useful but don’t they often hide more than they reveal? I remember the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. I used to check the stats and the updates on Worldometer to get an idea of the scale of what was happening. Here's a quick glimpse. When the deaths were few, the site used … Continue reading The Problem with (Coronavirus) Statistics