The Perfectionist In Me

When I shop for fruits or vegetables, I pick them with excessive care. The perfectionist in me searches for those without blemish, perfect in shape, firm to the touch. I know, however, that this is a fundamentally wrong way to shop for food in a world where food waste is a problem. When I have … Continue reading The Perfectionist In Me


Exequies of a King

There are those who, passing by you, can drain the colors from your world, and make even an autumnal park forget its brown and yellows. They come as swiftly as they go, leaving you in a black and white mood. Black and white isn't only the absence of colors, though. It's a way to be. It … Continue reading Exequies of a King

Careful Ambition

A new year always comes with new hopes and expectations, but how much do we actually need to do to be successful and feel good in 2018? And does it depend that much on setting the right goals? About this time last year, I wrote a list of goals for 2017. I put in there … Continue reading Careful Ambition