How to Spring-Clean Your Mind

Springtime is a good time for cleaning not only our houses, but also our minds. A clean mind is a better mind. 1 Tidy up your plans and hopes for this year. Label them on paper if you have to. Set goals. Turning them into reality will then become easier. 2 Empty your mind of … Continue reading How to Spring-Clean Your Mind


Young and Thrifty

In the world we live in there's always the temptation to buy sham happiness. I try to resist it. The yogurt we buy doesn't put on our face the happy smile of the model advertising it. The sports shoes on the billboard don't make us better runners. And even the latest bestseller from a familiar … Continue reading Young and Thrifty

The Writing Life – Between Solitude and Loneliness

Writing is for many of us a solitary endeavor, one we undertake in a quiet room behind a closed door. But that doesn’t have to make it a lonely business, a separation from people and the world, not even if we spend hours in a room every day. When you write, you can only look … Continue reading The Writing Life – Between Solitude and Loneliness