The Problem with (Coronavirus) Statistics

Statistics are useful but don’t they often hide more than they reveal? I remember the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. I used to check the stats and the updates on Worldometer to get an idea of the scale of what was happening. Here's a quick glimpse. When the deaths were few, the site used … Continue reading The Problem with (Coronavirus) Statistics

The Perks of Not Leaving Your House All That Much


COVID-19 has changed many lives in the last few months, but not mine. As a freelance writer working from home, I don’t have to leave my house to earn a living. As for social interactions, my reclusive nature usually keeps me at a polite distance from most people save for family and a few friends. … Continue reading The Perks of Not Leaving Your House All That Much

How Books Choose Us—Sometimes At Least

open book on table next to coffee cup and vase of flowers with a stack of books to the left, blurry and overexposed photo

We like to think that we choose the books we read. That we pick them from bestseller lists or grab them off the shelf based on friend’s recommendations. But is that really so? I like to enter bookstores and glance at the bestsellers and new arrivals. I like also to look at the classics lining … Continue reading How Books Choose Us—Sometimes At Least