9 Things Worth Seeing Everyday

Matt Talbert Painting Seeing the World Through Fresh Eyes

Every day we look at countless things, but we see most of them without seeing them while thinking of other things, while living in our heads.

Often, it’s not until we receive an important message on our phone, come across a striking photo in our social media feed, or glance at our reflection in the mirror that we pause and pay attention.

Seeing is one of my favorite things to do in life. Waking up in the morning and seeing the window—bright or cloudy—brings me a quiet joy that lifts off me the weight of gravity.

So, what are nine things that are worth seeing every day—and not merely worth looking at?


The sky and the shapes of clouds. Because not seeing the sky means not lifting your eyes from the ground and what’s around you, it’s not keeping your chin up.


The trees. Because they breathe for us, one leaf at a time. And because what would our world be without trees?


The food on our plate. Because it’s a big deal—it’s life, energy, vitality, and pleasure, and because many people in the world are hungry.


Our hands. Because they do so much every day. We take them too much for granted.


Our feet as we walk. Because there is something beautiful and encouraging about their movement.


Words on a printed page and/or handwritten on a blank page or in a notebook. Because not reading is living only one life instead of a thousand. And because not jotting down a few words at least now is missing on how to be alone with yourself in a good way.


The water in the glass before we drink it. Because water lets other colors and forms show through and is humble even as it is life-giving.


The faces of the people we care about. Because looking at them without seeing them is missing on so much of life, and because we will come to miss those faces one day.


The window of the room we spend most of our time in. Because it’s only human to look out, at least now and then, whether the scene is pretty or not.

Is there anything else you’d add to this list?

Painting c) Matt Talbert, Seeing the World Through Fresh Eyes.

3 thoughts on “9 Things Worth Seeing Everyday

  1. Animals; we live with or those on the street or in nature. Because they’re so precious, interesting, pure and much more. They have lives. They are living.

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