9 Things Worth Seeing Everyday

Matt Talbert Painting Seeing the World Through Fresh Eyes

Every day we look at countless things, but we see most of them without seeing them while thinking of other things, while living in our heads. Often, it’s not until we receive an important message on our phone, come across a striking photo in our social media feed, or glance at our reflection in the … Continue reading 9 Things Worth Seeing Everyday

The Story of a Framed Feather

Some years ago, I was strolling through the park when I found a feather. Whenever I see a fallen feather, I slow my step and breathe in more deeply. I interpret it as a cue to calm down and not overthink. To become aware of my body, my breathing, my feet touching the ground. To … Continue reading The Story of a Framed Feather

About the Small Things

boy drinking water detail

Brushing teeth. Drinking a glass of water. Washing hands. Making a pot of soup. Life is made of small things like these. Isn’t it a pity to perform them mechanically, thinking of other things? To do them just because we have to do them? For most of my life, I went on doing these things … Continue reading About the Small Things