The Story of a Framed Feather

Some years ago, I was strolling through the park when I found a feather. Whenever I see a fallen feather, I slow my step and breathe in more deeply. I interpret it as a cue to calm down and not overthink. To become aware of my body, my breathing, my feet touching the ground. To … Continue reading The Story of a Framed Feather

About the Small Things

boy drinking water detail

Brushing teeth. Drinking a glass of water. Washing hands. Making a pot of soup. Life is made of small things like these. Isn’t it a pity to perform them mechanically, thinking of other things? To do them just because we have to do them? For most of my life, I went on doing these things … Continue reading About the Small Things

On Not Thinking Too Much

thinker of hamagia

Sometimes I think too much. I don’t do it consciously. While my body is anchored in the physical reality of my surroundings, my thoughts cluster around something or someone like a squadron of flies and buzzes about it for hours on end. When I think too much, I am not quite myself. I dwell in … Continue reading On Not Thinking Too Much