Versions of You

How many versions of you do you go through every day? Probably more than the clothes in your wardrobe. You change from one person to another, from one setting to another, from one feeling or mood to another. Are you the same “you” with your mother that you are with your friends? Is the “you” … Continue reading Versions of You

Walking Meditation: Have You Ever Tried It?

What do you think about when you walk? Your plans? Your problems? Things that happened earlier that day? Something you look forward to doing? I have walked "in my head" most of my life, but a few years ago I discovered a better way to walk. When we think about "meditation", most of us think … Continue reading Walking Meditation: Have You Ever Tried It?

Shapes of Clouds ☁️

When you look at the clouds, don't you sometimes see shapes in them? But are the shapes of clouds airy flights of fancy? Or breezy reminders of how the brain finds shapes and patterns everywhere, inventing them if needed? In the end, maybe the clouds are just a story of rain that we tell ourselves … Continue reading Shapes of Clouds ☁️