Shapes of Clouds ☁️

When you look at the clouds, don't you sometimes see shapes in them? But are the shapes of clouds airy flights of fancy? Or breezy reminders of how the brain finds shapes and patterns everywhere, inventing them if needed? In the end, maybe the clouds are just a story of rain that we tell ourselves … Continue reading Shapes of Clouds ☁️

Old Friend

Sky, I look at you all the time but don't see you often enough. I'm sorry.

The Voice In His Head

As he lay there in the garden Idling away time, The voice in his head bubbled and foamed... It goaded him to get up, To roll up his sleeves and do this or that. To make with his hands things that others could touch. "I am everything already," he said to himself. "I don't need … Continue reading The Voice In His Head