On Not Thinking Too Much

thinker of hamagia

Sometimes I think too much. I don’t do it consciously. While my body is anchored in the physical reality of my surroundings, my thoughts cluster around something or someone like a squadron of flies and buzzes about it for hours on end. When I think too much, I am not quite myself. I dwell in … Continue reading On Not Thinking Too Much

The Narrative Self

If I ask you who you are, your narrative self will answer. You will identify with it and tell me about your peak experiences and recent experiences. We have a narrative self in our head that picks and chooses experiences and weaves them into our personal story. As the years go by, our self aggregates … Continue reading The Narrative Self

Versions of You

How many versions of you do you go through every day? Probably more than the clothes in your wardrobe. You change from one person to another, from one setting to another, from one feeling or mood to another. Are you the same “you” with your mother that you are with your friends? Is the “you” … Continue reading Versions of You