Why and How to Learn a Second Language (Without Becoming Bored)

As many as 75% of Americans and 62% of Britons don’t speak a second language. You can argue that they don’t really need to, everything is English these days, including this blog post. You can live a good life without knowing a second language. But speaking from experience here, learning a second language can broaden … Continue reading Why and How to Learn a Second Language (Without Becoming Bored)

Let’s Talk About… Your Toothbrush

Is it colorful? Does it have an easy-to-grip handle? A tongue and cheek cleaner? Fancy circular bristles that clean even "the inaccessible spaces between the teeth?" Or even better, charcoal bristles? Maybe it's electric and does most of the work for you. (Not that you couldn't manage without the electric motor, right?) And don't you … Continue reading Let’s Talk About… Your Toothbrush

Your Worst Fear

frightening shadow of unrecognizable friends on shabby road

What is your worst fear? What would be the worst thing that could happen to you? The one thing you would want to avoid at all costs? Ending up in hospital with coronavirus or cancer or some worse disease? Having a cop put his knee on your neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds? Losing … Continue reading Your Worst Fear