If You Had One Wish…

Birth of Venus empty painting

If I had one wish (provided say by a wish-fulfilling genie), I would probably wish never to wish for anything. But to be alive means to wish for things, you may say. What sort of life would it be without any wishes in it? The life of an ascetic? Of a recluse? Of a socially … Continue reading If You Had One Wish…

New Year to Not Do List

Isn’t what we don’t do as important as what we do? We’re used to making New Year resolutions—lists of things we wish to do. But this year, which looks like an uncertain one for many of us, having a list of things to not do could be useful too. So, what are some of the … Continue reading New Year to Not Do List

The Quiet Joy of Snow

Monday I awoke to a light snowfall. I sat up in bed and watched it now on an old pair of fir trees that take up much of the window. On Tuesday it kept on snowing. The first snowfall of the year always brings with it a warm and happy feeling. When it does happen, … Continue reading The Quiet Joy of Snow