9 Things Worth Seeing Everyday

Matt Talbert Painting Seeing the World Through Fresh Eyes

Every day we look at countless things, but we see most of them without seeing them while thinking of other things, while living in our heads. Often, it’s not until we receive an important message on our phone, come across a striking photo in our social media feed, or glance at our reflection in the … Continue reading 9 Things Worth Seeing Everyday

On Doing Nothing and Having a Lazy Day

Boy with straw hat and log lying lazily on riverbank

Have you ever tried doing nothing? Not reading, not thinking, not chatting, not rearranging this or that in your room or about the house, not trying to fill your time with anything, simply being? It’s not necessarily easy. The mind wants to keep doing things. There’s always something to do. And when there isn't, we … Continue reading On Doing Nothing and Having a Lazy Day

The Time We Spend Alone

girl in cage with open door magical illustration xuan loc xuan

We spend a good deal of our lives alone whether we like it or not. Even if we are not solitary people, even if we are social butterflies. I’m talking about the time in between the days and the hours when we have to do things, to go to work, to go to school, to … Continue reading The Time We Spend Alone