Alas, I am out of salt!

Will any kind woman

Alone, unloved, unhappy,

Please send me a vial of her tears

Which I may use

As seasoning for my soup?

26 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Alas, my tears, they will not flow, at least not on command. I fear your soup will be in want as well as I. However, fear not, for surely your own tears will grace that elegantly chipped bowl and collect there to be served.

  2. Why you should have asked so earlier! I’ve spent the entire week accompanied by my tears and would have gladly bottled them for you. Never fear I predict much the same again today.

  3. Nothing as precious as a drop of tear
    a reflection of your self and the soul
    emotions attached, hard to define
    pray, the end of your tears is very near

  4. I don’t know why, but after reading what you write I feel like you don’t belong in this time and age.
    Are you a time traveller?


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