Alas, I am out of salt!

Will any kind woman

Alone, unloved, unhappy,

Please send me a vial of her tears

Which I may use

As seasoning for my soup?

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The Romance of Our Shadows

Shadows on the wall

Who knows what my shadow does while I sleep?

Does he rest, too?

Or does he caper on the chamber wall, performing cartwheels and somersaults?

Does he take a moonlight shower?

Does he then preen himself a little, gazing at his reflection in the windowpane?

And when the witching hour comes, does he bid my sleeping self farewell?

Does he creep under the door or jump through the open window?

Does he wander through the streets, admiring the shadows of the trees and flowers?

And what if he stumbles upon a florist’s shop?

Does he sneak in and steal the shadow of a rose?

And where does he go then?

To the café?

Or to the park?

Or by the waterside?

What is that shadow which awaits him on the bridge?

Is it yours?


Image copyright Christine Till @ CT-Graphics

Let’s Talk About Bad Habits. Mine, But Also Yours.

Bad habits

Everyone has a fair share of bad habits. Often they are minor ones, like biting nails or keeping socks on for more than a week. But sometimes they are problematic, like smoking, drinking, or shoplifting. And then there are those unfortunate souls, usually writers, who have horrendous bad habits, like throwing first drafts to the trash immediately after writing them, or procrastinating while writing their novel.

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