To A Reader Of My Blog With Whom I Am Secretly In Love

Woman with Umbrella Painting

In my wildest fantasy you are walking on the street

On a rainy day,

Wearing not a miniskirt

But tight black jeans,

Carrying a fancy umbrella in one hand

And your smartphone in the other,

Your browser open to my blog,

Which you read with keen attention,

So much so that you’re utterly oblivious

To the tripping danger you are in:

Alas, your shoelaces are undone!


It so happens that I pass by you and,

Observing your untied shoelaces,

Feel a surge of courage & romantic duty.

So I halt and cry,

‘Stop! Please stop! Yes, you!’

Startled, you turn and look at me

And I point at your feet and say,

‘Alackaday! Your shoelaces are undone!’

Then, before you can protest,

I’m down on my knees before you,

Tying your troublesome shoelaces,

An expression of profound concentration on my face,

Tongue poking out of the corner of my mouth…


Ah, what will you do when I am done?

Will you strike me in the head with your umbrella?

Or unfollow my blog?

Or pull me up and kiss me on the cheek?

Or else?


(c) Painting by Andre Kohn

60 thoughts on “To A Reader Of My Blog With Whom I Am Secretly In Love

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  1. Alas and alack, I can only hope the response is the one you want and that she realises you are the master wordsmith she’s been following so intently. If only real life reflected our dreams.

  2. I would love to stumble across my secret admirer by having my clumsy feet bound up by my tangled shoelaces. I will have found my perfect match! And hopefully he would not notice I had mismatched my socks!!

  3. I am awaiting my invisible gift with bated breath. But that is not the reason that I write. But by now, sadly, I have forgotten what I have came here to say. Maybe someone can remind me? For all I can think about is a woman in tight black jeans with no idea how lucky she is to have a man to tie her shoe-laces for her.

  4. This one of the most genuine poems I have read in a while. No matter who reads this you make the person feel and hope that you are talking about them. Sir, you have made me start liking hats again and inspired me to buy black jeans! To whoever you made this poem for they are a very lucky person.

  5. I wonder on the number of hearts that might have leapt after reading this! Including mine! Too bad this is not meant for me!!

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