The Figurative Paintings of Andre Kohn

“Creative process is an intellectual, philosophical, and spiritual endeavor that I am absolutely in love with. Without depicting life literally, I seek a poetic interpretation of a moment involving the human figure in its infinite variety of gesture and action. ” — Andre Kohn, Russian-born artist currently residing in America.

(Click on any image to enlarge it.)

Which is your favorite?



34 thoughts on “The Figurative Paintings of Andre Kohn

  1. For me, #8 is the winner! Its sophistication draws me to it.
    The runner-ups would be #1 and #6, in that order.

    And you? Which ones do you like, Vincent?

      1. Haha! Well y’know, it already has fallen but oh! 😉
        And I was thought the hatted ladies would steal your heart…?

      1. I’ve got you’re email, but I’m sorry I couldn’t reply sooner. I’ve been without Internet in my student accommodation, which is frustrating when you’re a blogger!
        As for frogs, one has made it to the news – apparently one was sent flying during a rocket launch and caught on camera! 🙂 I hope it survived though.

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