In Praise of the Backspace Key

On our keyboards it stays aloof from other letters. We never begin a sentence with it, and unlike the Spacebar or Enter, we don’t press it eagerly as we flow with our thoughts. On the contrary, before pressing it we may sigh inwardly and feel unpleasant, as if we’ve done something wrong, committed a silent … Continue reading In Praise of the Backspace Key

A Stroll Through Herastrau Park


If I'd have to choose a favorite place on earth, it would be Herastrau Park. It's the place which, of all the places I kept going to over the years, feels as an extension of who I am the most. Maybe because I had so many experiences there. It's the place I went to when … Continue reading A Stroll Through Herastrau Park

The Story of a Framed Feather

Some years ago, I was strolling through the park when I found a feather. Whenever I see a fallen feather, I slow my step and breathe in more deeply. I interpret it as a cue to calm down and not overthink. To become aware of my body, my breathing, my feet touching the ground. To … Continue reading The Story of a Framed Feather