Writing As a Way to Remember

Painting of a girl in white turned with her back to us writing at a desk

Memories are some of our most precious possessions. But as the years march by, they fade. Writing can help us preserve memories. Returning to our journals, notebooks, poems, or posts years later can resurrect time from the abyss of forgetfulness. By the time you will be in your 80s—and keep in mind that life expectancy … Continue reading Writing As a Way to Remember

9 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Body

Do you have a body? Or does your body have you? Either way, I've put together a few facts about our bodies that I find interesting and worth the few minutes that you will spend reading this post. But let me warn you: some of them may make you uneasy! Fact: 95% of our decisions … Continue reading 9 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Body

Summer in 19th Century Painting

If you have a moment, let us take a stroll through the world of painting and experience summer as the artists of the 19th century saw it, from Edouard Manet to Edward Charles Williams. The following paintings all evoke summer in one way or other, even if summer was not necessarily their chief subject. Some … Continue reading Summer in 19th Century Painting