The Figurative Paintings of Vladimir Mukhin

Vladimir Mukhin was born in 1971 in Russia.



Which is your favorite?



20 thoughts on “The Figurative Paintings of Vladimir Mukhin

  1. 1 has incredible execution / colouring etc, but i think i like 10 best for the very shallow reason that she’s super-hot 😉

  2. ohh yeah i missed that one.. is she wearing body paint or skin-tight latex?! think maybe 20 and 21 are the same girl

  3. Ah! The paintings get better with every post, Vincent!
    Here I see so many different ideas and themes and that makes it all the more difficult to pick few…
    Okay. I think #10, #17, #20 win it for me.

    Your favorites?

    1. #11 looks like something that might be on the cover of some classic novel about flirtatious ladies and gentlemen with mustaches!
      Pretty, pretty, pretty. 🙂

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