50-Word Stories #124

Woman crying painting
© Cynthia Angeles

After the surgery, the doctor went straight to the waiting room.

‘The surgery was a success,’ he said to the parents of the patient, ‘the leg has been amputated.’

They looked at him dumbfounded.

The mother fainted.

‘What amputation?’ the father cried, ‘Our daughter has appendicitis!’

The doctor turned pale.

22 thoughts on “50-Word Stories #124

  1. Too bad these surgical errors never happen the opposite way. Like, you go in for an appendectomy, and they accidentally upgrade your muscle tissue with bionics. And maybe they give you laser beam eyes. That would be cool.

  2. You are fond of the word “pale,” dear one. Perhaps because it fits us so?

    And that was a very, very silly mistake that doctor made. Did someone switch the patient’s chart?

  3. Posting a comment in the hopes of receiving the aforementioned invisible gift 😉

    I really like that your stories are short yet engaging. I try to do something similar on my blog, but I have a long way to go!

    Please do drop off a few tips and my (invisible) gift at http://anawnimiss.wordpress.com 🙂

    – Anawn

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