50-Word Tales #131 (Concerning Millie)

Dear Diary

Millie auctioned off her youthful diaries.

‘They are silly things which concern me no more. I’ve grown up.’

A week later, the buyer, a millionaire with a hat, sent her the payment, $568,000.

Millie purchased drawing paper, pencils, Mars bars, and a blank diary.

Millie began writing a new diary.


(Millie happens to be a ‘neo-noir writer & illustrator. Find out more about her.)

15 thoughts on “50-Word Tales #131 (Concerning Millie)

  1. You did not!

    But you did.

    I’ll spend a few dollars on paper, pencils, and $67,950 on a lifetime supply of Mars Bars.

    The rest I will invest into a pimped out diamond-encrusted diary drenched in revitalizing Phoenix’s blood. The last attribute being symbolic, of course.

    1. Yay!

      Oliver Colors, whose biography I am now writing down for posterity, knows a certain lady in possession of a Phoenix feather.

      PS: I would urge against the procurement of Mars bars. As I have already said, chocolate mars the tooth. And Millie, at her age, must have sharp teeth if she is to pursue a career in neo-noir writing and illustration. To tear the critics.

    1. The first thing he shall purchase will be a present for aunt Alarna. A Tasmanian devil, or a kangaroo perhaps. Or better yet that machine for annihilating plastics. 😉

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