Merry Christmas Everyone! (100-Word Story About Santa)

Santa Claus Painting
Georgi Dimitrov

On Christmas Eve, after nightfall, Santa’s reindeer flew his sleigh straight to the tax collectors’ headquarters, where he dropped a hefty gift through the chimney.

‘Ho, ho, ho!’ shouted Santa, scratching his beard and smiling much pleased with himself.

He had not flown far when an explosion disturbed the night.

‘Merry Christmas you bastards!’ shouted Santa atop his voice.

They had raised the taxes on his toy factory. He had vowed revenge.

Besides, a tax free year was the perfect present for everyone. No need for him to toil all night. He flew straight home to the lovely Mrs. Claus…


13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone! (100-Word Story About Santa)

  1. Hhm… maybe it is a good present for everyone, but this story breaks my image of Santa. Revenge? Evil laughter? No, no! That’s not the Santa I know. Oh, no! Is it possible that Santa was kidnapped and replaced by his evil twin??

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