Almost Haiku: Twenty-One

Glow lights in the dark whimsy thoughts.

I Guess I Still Believe in Santa. Do You?

When we were young, it was easy to believe in Santa. Now that we’ve grown up, it’s easy not to believe in Santa. He’s going to take off his costume when he goes home. And pull off his fake beard. And maybe he’ll pass by us on the street before the New Year comes to … Continue reading I Guess I Still Believe in Santa. Do You?

Another Snowless Christmas

Another snowless Christmas in Bucharest—I’ve gotten used to them, but still… If it wasn't for the tree mother set up in the living room, the decorations in the shops and on the streets, and the Christmas Market under the Palace of the Parliament, I may not have even noticed the coming and going of Christmas … Continue reading Another Snowless Christmas