Christmas Time

When I was a kid, I used to believe in Santa. Now that I have grown up, I don't anymore, but I still want to. Because now I need to make up the stories that back then I took for granted. Otherwise the world becomes too small and narrow, too snowless.  We need Christmas because … Continue reading Christmas Time

Merry Christmas Everyone! (100-Word Story About Santa)

On Christmas Eve, after nightfall, Santa’s reindeer flew his sleigh straight to the tax collectors' headquarters, where he dropped a hefty gift through the chimney. ‘Ho, ho, ho!’ shouted Santa, scratching his beard and smiling much pleased with himself. He had not flown far when an explosion disturbed the night. ‘Merry Christmas you bastards!’ shouted … Continue reading Merry Christmas Everyone! (100-Word Story About Santa)

Do You Believe in Santa?

When I was at that tender age when I could not tie my own shoelaces, I had my doubts about Santa, for although I had heard much about him, I never saw him. But one Christmas eve something peculiar happened. I was in the living room playing with my toys, next to the Christmas tree. … Continue reading Do You Believe in Santa?