50-Word Stories #132

Woman at Window

‘Don’t do it, dear! Please don’t!’

‘I shall!’

‘You will kill us both!’

‘I cannot take the pain anymore!’

‘Please…’ he begged.


She jumped into the sea.

(She had cancer.)

A mighty splash ensued.

He shrieked.

Then he jumped after her.

‘Cut!’ said the director, sighing. ‘Too much passion!’

21 thoughts on “50-Word Stories #132

    1. That woman in the image looks much like Julie.

      Same height (exceedingly tall), same hair, same allure.

      And she is well-dressed too.

      Julie won’t jump into the sea, will she? Certainly not. She is most busy cooking delicious Polish foods.

  1. The pesky smile that glued itself to my face when I read the last words of this story. I tried to stop it, trust me, i did. But couldn’t. So nice work. I don’t smile often.

  2. You do not have 50 word stories copyrighted do you? I thought about doing a 50 word story myself. I enjoy your blog. Just found it last week. New to blogging myself

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