50-Word Stories #134

(C) Bonnie Goedecke

Millie sketched an assassin and equipped him with a dagger and a hat.

After coloring him, she forsook her studio and visited her kitchen, where she ate a Mars bar.

Later, she returned to her studio only to find her canvas blank. She was startled.

Behind her, the curtain rustled.

12 thoughts on “50-Word Stories #134

    1. Last time I heard your friends were telling you to write a book. Hmm, I wonder for what purpose does Julie boost her morning energy by means of a glassful of water? Has she began the systematic treatment of the deranged? Or is she counting leopard spots?

  1. Evidently, the Mars bar contains magical homicidal properties.

    If you keep this up, I might have to write one about you in retaliation, Vincent! 😀

    1. I think I shall stop here for Millie’s business degree worries me not a little. It takes a certain hmm cunning to acquire such a thing.

      Millie in the intention craft…

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