50-Word Stories #134

(C) Bonnie Goedecke

Millie sketched an assassin and equipped him with a dagger and a hat.

After coloring him, she forsook her studio and visited her kitchen, where she ate a Mars bar.

Later, she returned to her studio only to find her canvas blank. She was startled.

Behind her, the curtain rustled.

12 thoughts on “50-Word Stories #134

    1. Last time I heard your friends were telling you to write a book. Hmm, I wonder for what purpose does Julie boost her morning energy by means of a glassful of water? Has she began the systematic treatment of the deranged? Or is she counting leopard spots?

    1. I think I shall stop here for Millie’s business degree worries me not a little. It takes a certain hmm cunning to acquire such a thing.

      Millie in the intention craft…

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