What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

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Every day, we tell ourselves countless stories. We tell ourselves the story of who we are and what we to. We tell the story of our future plans and our past sufferings. When we speak about past loves, we conjure a story, too. Do you want to be a successful something or other? To achieve … Continue reading What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

The Problem with (Coronavirus) Statistics

Statistics are useful but don’t they often hide more than they reveal? I remember the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. I used to check the stats and the updates on Worldometer to get an idea of the scale of what was happening. Here's a quick glimpse. When the deaths were few, the site used … Continue reading The Problem with (Coronavirus) Statistics

Christmas Time

When I was a kid, I used to believe in Santa. Now that I have grown up, I don't anymore, but I still want to. Because now I need to make up the stories that back then I took for granted. Otherwise the world becomes too small and narrow, too snowless.  We need Christmas because … Continue reading Christmas Time