What’s Your Blog to You?

woman opening window curtain in shining daylight

A way to share your passion with the world? A log of your travels or of your journey through the world of fashion? A vehicle for personal change? A place of comfort you can always come to? A marketing tool? A way to show off some talent or skill? A safe way to flirt with … Continue reading What’s Your Blog to You?

Working Online from Home as a Writer: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

I’ve been working from home since I turned 18. During this time, I made all the mistakes that you can possibly make when working from home. But I like to think I’ve learned from them.

30 Tips to Become a Better Writer

I take writing tips with a pinch of salt, but I still find them inspiring. Whenever I come across some, I feel a renewed desire to write more and write better. Maybe you know that feeling. I am a young writer myself. I have a lot to learn about writing still, and a lot to … Continue reading 30 Tips to Become a Better Writer