How to Make Writing a Daily Habit

Painting of woman at table with hat and fruit basket writing

Do you want to write but find it hard to sit down and do it? Writing is something worth making time for. As for inspiration, well, you don’t have to wait for it.

Consider making writing a daily habit, something you do naturally, without too much thinking or effort. Here are some ideas.


Write in the morning if you can, before life has the chance to distract you.

Make sunrise your queue to start writing.


Set a word count or decide on a number of pages you will write every day.

Having a writing goal makes writing easier, even if you don’t work for pay or to be published.


Know what you are going to write. Think about what you will write the day before. Your writing is more likely to flow.

Also, consider stopping before you have written everything, like Hemingway used to do, so you can pick things up tomorrow.


Create a writing space. If you can’t spare a room or corner of your home for this, write by hand or do your writing on a device other than the one you study or work on.

This writing space will become a cue that puts you in writing mode.


Use a time cue if you have to. Instilling a habit gets easier when you can combine a location cue with a time cue.

For example, say to yourself, “Tomorrow I’m going to write X words at 9 am.


Write to remember, to understand, to appreciate, to create. Don’t write to impress or to be poetic or because it’s an artsy thing to do.

Write as if you will never have to share your writing with anyone. As if your writing will never be judged.


Block distractions while you write. Unplug the internet cable. Turn off notifications on your phone. Lock the door if you have to.

It’s not anti-social behavior, it’s simply a way to enjoy being with yourself for a little while, and focusing on the writing.

Painting (c) Sally Rosenbaum

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