The Solitude of Being a Writer

Man playing the piano in solitude

If you hate solitude, you probably have no business trying to write for a living. You’ll end up hating writing. And you’ll make yourself and others miserable in the process. Writing is, for the most part, a solitary endeavor. It doesn’t matter whether you write online content, copy for an advertising agency, poetry, or novels. … Continue reading The Solitude of Being a Writer

The Vulnerability of Being a Writer

Writer sitting in a chair against a background page

Writing turns me into a little God sometimes, but more often, it makes me feel vulnerable. To write, I often have to give things up and retreat into my bubble. I have to face my thoughts and my emotions. I have to turn with my back to half the world so I can face the … Continue reading The Vulnerability of Being a Writer

Finding the Time to Write

Maybe you want to write. Maybe you feel you have to. But you never seem to find the time. And then, when the weekend finally comes, you find that reading a new book or going out with friends comes more easily. I have often gone to bed with a sense of regret that I have … Continue reading Finding the Time to Write