Finding the Time to Write

Maybe you want to write. Maybe you feel you have to. But you never seem to find the time. And then, when the weekend finally comes, you find that reading a new book or going out with friends comes more easily. I have often gone to bed with a sense of regret that I have … Continue reading Finding the Time to Write

On Waking Up Early

Waking up early is one of the best things we can do for our lives. On some days we have no choice but to tear ourselves away from the bed early to go to work or school, and we dread it. This is often why on our free days there's always the temptation to sleep … Continue reading On Waking Up Early

On Accepting Our Writing

Quite often, the hardest part about writing something isn't the writing itself, but reading it after. Despite the effort and enthusiasm that went into it, it may feel not quite what we hoped it would be. You often read or hear about how some great writer or other rewrote a scene or chapter countless times, … Continue reading On Accepting Our Writing