Have You Ever Done Things You Had Not Decided To Do?

Painting of confusion

“Often enough in my life I have done things I had not decided to do… I don’t mean to say that thinking and reaching decisions have no influence on behavior. But behavior does not merely enact whatever has already been thought through and decided. It has its own sources, and is my behaviour, quite independently, just as my thoughts are my thoughts, and my decisions my decisions.” – Bernhard Schlink in The Reader, a book I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed.


I am not sure I decided to create this blog. I am not sure I decided to wear a hat. I am not sure I decided to publish this post. Alas, the more I read and study, the more confused I become. Help! (I would much prefer if a pretty girl would come to my rescue. No more learned, bearded gentlemen, thank you!)

8 thoughts on “Have You Ever Done Things You Had Not Decided To Do?

  1. I did not want to follow too many blogs because I will not able keep up with all of their posts. But then I followed you….

  2. I see you trapped in an attic with dozens of girls waiting by your door. For the rescue.

    We often do things, we don’t “sign” beforehand. We let our intuition guide us, and sometimes…that’s just the best thing we can do. Just flow… on the deep variable waters of our unpredictable lives.

    From what I see, you’re doing just fine, my friend. Mighty fine.

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