50-Word Tales #129

Woman on deathbed
(c) Daphne Todd

Grandmother was on her deathbed.

‘My last wish,’ she whispered, ‘is that you bury me next to my son.’

She moaned, she cried, she writhed. Then came the death rattle. She died.

‘I’ll call the undertaker right away,’ I said.

‘No,’ grandfather snapped. ‘We’ll cremate her. It’s cheaper that way.’

27 thoughts on “50-Word Tales #129

  1. I like that image. And I can only wonder about the kind of life the Grandmother had when she was living…

          1. Goodness. What rubbish. Looks are only so important — it’s heart that matters — and you will never again abuse the word “slunk,” I’m sure of it!

  2. Honestly, I don’t see any quality in this writing in any way, shape, or form.. Overall I’d give this a 1/10

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