50-Word Tales #128

Baby painting
(c) Dino Tomic

Their baby was born without arms or legs.

When the mother saw it she fainted.

The father wept.

An hour later, after the parents had regained their composure, the doctor returned.

‘We can cut off the oxygen and let it die,’ he said, ‘or maybe you want to keep it?’

13 thoughts on “50-Word Tales #128

  1. This post sends my thoughts to Nick Vujicic ( google him on internet and read about his amazing story). Nich Vujicic was born without arms and legs and from the very beginning he was depressed and tried to drown himself when he was 10. But then he decided to live and today he is married and has a baby.

      1. You’re so welcome! Yes she is. He has some really amazing videos about how he manage his life. I’m glad that you googled him 🙂

  2. No one has the right to make the decision in the negative. This child could be the one to save the environment or find the cure for cancer. Termination means we will never know. And that is not God’s plan.

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