The Paintings of Laurie Blank

Find more about Laurie Blank here.

(Click on any image to enlarge.)

Which is your favorite?


22 thoughts on “The Paintings of Laurie Blank

  1. My favourite one is number 6. I’m not really sure why: it just appeals. They kind of remind me of Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Also, how do you arrange them so well? I think I want to do that on my blog…

  2. I like numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in no particular order. It is very hard to pick one out of these.
    Your favorite(s)?

  3. I find it interesting that, back in the day, people like Michelangelo painted images of women who were big and beautiful and . . . Now, all of the images of “beauty” that we see are just as thin and unrealistic as the models we see on TV (or wherever).

    1. The women depicted in classical paintings look overweight and unattractive to me. I think one reason I like Laurie Blank’s paintings so much is because it’s validating to see women of my own size and shape depicted in them.
      Late summer is Queen Anne’s Lace time where I live and my fields look like the one in the first painting. Yes, my favorite is number 1 because it’s depicting a beautiful woman in the season of the year I love most of all.

  4. My favourite is No.4 because of the wind in the hair. Next one would be the last one. I totally adore the indian-spirit that lies in that picture. But all in all, they are just beautiful.
    They kind of remind me of the works of Jessica Galbreth, although her works are more fantasy-like. Do you know her?

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