It takes courage to show your writing to others.

Tightrope walking

Tightrope walking is easy compared to showing your writing to others, to sharing your thoughts and emotions and dreams with people who might laugh at you or scorn you or worse, simply couldn’t care less.

Nobody laughs at tightrope walkers. Nobody scorns them. Everyone looks at them when they perform. People even cry for them when they fall.

But when it comes to writers, alas…

It takes a lot of courage to write, to blog, to dream on paper, or on the computer screen.

Writers are braver than tightrope walkers.

54 thoughts on “It takes courage to show your writing to others.

  1. You hit the nail on the head. I watch what I write in my blogs because I know some of the people who are reading them. I therefore stay away from some stories which might be to edgy, stay away from sexual items except in an innuendo and overly blood as it turns some people off.

  2. You know, I’d never thought of it like that before. Which is pretty strange, since until not that long ago, all my writing was a secret, never to be shared with others. Now, I’m happy to put it out there for all to see, and comment on, as they see fit. Because I believe in it, finally, after all these years.

  3. Painful as it is, Vincent, we have a duty as writers, artists and musicians to share our gifts with the possibility of enriching the lives of others, n’est ce pas?

  4. I teach composition courses at a local college, and this is something my students struggle with (aside from the fact that many of them don’t like writing and/or don’t consider themselves writers). Writing is so personal, and having it judged – either by peers, teachers, or whomever – is daunting.

  5. It’s like exposing your soul to the world. I often wonder if the most successful writers ever get beyond that “is it good enough” place. Do they stop hesitating before they hit post? Or do they continue to read it “just once more” and wring their hands over word choice?

  6. And, like tight rope walkers, we walk a fine line of trying to balance the truth/ what we feel we need to write, and the reaction of those in our lives. My blog has angered several in my family, and I haven’t written a tenth of what I could. Thanks for bringing me to this metaphor. And thanks for believing in writers everywhere.

  7. Instantly after sharing I mentally block out the memory that I did. When receiving feedback I prepare myself in the same way as I walked into the school hall to collect my exam results to say if Id got into university. Its terrifying. The picture is beautiful.

  8. I disagree. A tightrope walker is a live performer. There’s no revision, no editing, no friendly critical feedback. There’s either walk or fall. Writers are never literally in plain view of their audience – they always have the device of a book, or a hat or the cunning sorcery of fiction to shield them. It is much easier to be a writer because you have time. You don’t have that as a tightrope walker.

    1. Hi Seb. But do you think a tight rope walker has as much of his soul invested into his performance as does a writer? Just curious… I for one would far more easily shake off a fall in front of an audience than criticism of something I’ve slaved over and put my heart into. -Jess

      1. I guess both of them are professionals, professionals have pride. whose to say that any one doesn’t invest themselves as much in their occupation as a writer? If you’re a writer, your job is to take criticism. If you’re a tight rope walker, your job is not to fall 🙂

  9. Writing and posting in public forums needs courage..As you said there are lot of them to scorn at and tease…Awesome read..lovely blog

  10. When a writer reveals his/her writing to someone, it is like bearing a part of the soul and that’s always a risk, I think. By rejection or indifference to his/her work, part of him/her is at risk of being hurt. I agree that it takes courage to let that part of us see the light of day, I know how it feels.

    Like the others, Vincent, I must say I love the artwork you have in your posts 🙂

  11. I am new here. I felt a real need to start a blog, to express myself openly and honestly, even if nobody reads it. I feel a need to learn more about me and for some reason I think this is a great way to do it.

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