A Most Curious Discovery Is Today Announced…

Faceless woman

Today I’ve found a hair behind one of the sticky notes you’ve left me.
It’s long and almost black, with a bit of white at the top,
So it must be yours.
If I go with the hair to a laboratory and have some tests done they can tell me everything about you.
And I would discover why you have to pray to save your soul.
You look too innocent to be innocent…
Or I could go to some metal sellers instead
And hand them the hair
And they will put them on a balance and weigh it
And how much will it weigh?
A ton of gold?
Or a gram of tin​?
You are so airy you can walk on water.


PS: This post was based on the author’s personal experiences.

28 thoughts on “A Most Curious Discovery Is Today Announced…

        1. She is outstandingly airy. In that she is special.

          But the boy is an attic dweller, and moths are always alone with themselves. At least until they finish Oliver’s biography.

              1. If they stay hidden and scared in darkness clutches, then they’ll never know the sun’s warmth. And everyone knows butterflies are secretly sensitive.

  1. Your writing is beautifully evocative. It’s so often the smallest thing that triggers our most powerful memories and you’ve captured this so perfectly.

  2. So sweet, I really like this one.
    A couple of times happened to me too, and it was so.. romantic, to found a hair in a book. Like it was secretly there to remind me of something important.

  3. I should confess that I’ve been a silent reader of yours for a few months now, I was too shy to say anything because I simply didn’t know what to say but I’m finding the words. Your poem is too lovely for me to describe but let me remark that every line is pregnant with meaning, it’s very rich.

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