50-Word Stories #120

Man and Woman at table

‘Tasty food!’ he said, licking his fingers.

She smiled. It was their first date. She had done the cooking.

‘But what is it?’ he asked. ‘Beef?’













‘Of course not!’

‘What then?’

‘It’s snake meat, dear.’

He turned pale.

23 thoughts on “50-Word Stories #120

      1. People may eat snakes in some parts of the world, but they certainly don’t in the West, not regularly at least, and not without their knowledge.

        I’m not sure I’d like to dine with you and be told afterward that you’ve just fed me tasty snakes. 🙂

        1. Uh-huh. Okay!
          And I’m sorry… I don’t know why I always expect a ‘purpose’ in your stories!

          And rest assured, I don’t eat snakes. I’ve never even seen one in person!

          Again, apologies for ruining the humor of your story. 😛 Its still good only, I wish I had used the invisible font to write this dissection!

            1. Oh, is that the standard punishment for stupidity these days? If so then please, I beg for forgiveness!

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