Vain Wishes
(c) Andre Kohn

How I wish I could postpone tomorrow,

Forget yesterday,

And endlessly prolong today!

Like painters do,

I would trick the moon into hanging still in one corner of the sky,

And keep on you a beam of moonlight,

And again and again,

Like a sad tune on repeat,

Pass by you on the street,

And forever turn my head,

Forever sigh,

Until death itself would die,

While I endlessly relish the sight

Of your head held high,

Your hair waltzing with the wind,

Your nose tip pointing up,

Your sober face,

Floating out of a crowd,

And vanishing into an ice-cream shop,

Too haughty to admit of romantic possibilities.

16 thoughts on “Vain Wishes

  1. If she’s someone you know in real life, I wish you luck. Women can change their minds if you catch them in the right mood.

    It’s a beautiful poem, so maybe your way of wooing should involve words!

      1. Write her a good old-fashioned letter on beautiful paper instead. She’d love it, I’m sure, because it would be a wonderful romantic gesture and you’d come over as a sweet, old-fashioned young man, and such men are in short supply so to be cherished!

          1. Such a dilemma. Does she have a place she stops to sit, maybe in a cafe or some such place? Then you could drop your note on the table or park bench, and move off very quickly. The note could include something like, “I will be standing by some landmark or other at a particular time, with a red flower in my buttonhole and wearing my very cool hat, so you can check me out first to see if you like the look of me. And if I meet with your approval, you could say hi and I’d probably be tongue-tied at first, so you’d need to be patient”.

  2. Congrats on another piece of great literature! I used to think that painters capture moments until reading this; prolonging them is a great way of looking at it. I always enjoy your unique perspective.
    How are you doing today?

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