A Rainbow Plea

I never heard of A person who did not enjoy To gaze upon the spectacle Of a bright rainbow. Why then some of us do frown Upon those people who dress like the rainbow? Those people gay, those people bi Those people who, like us, Are simply human? Like us they live, Like us they … Continue reading A Rainbow Plea

Dear Paper

Dear paper, I have come to you again Like the faithful come to church, Or the drunkard to the tavern, Or the lover to his naked lover on the bed. I come to you rejoicing, I come to you crying, I come to you cursing, I come to you smiling, I bring with me my … Continue reading Dear Paper

The Aftertaste of Sorrow

I carry you around with me, A pebble in my shoe, A backpack heavy with regrets, An invisible blade stuck in my chest, A blood stain on my conscience, A wound in my memory, Through which images and scenes seep through, Remnants from better times, When you and me, The two of us, Shared a … Continue reading The Aftertaste of Sorrow