A Rainbow Plea


I never heard of

A person who did not enjoy

To gaze upon the spectacle

Of a bright rainbow.

Why then some of us do frown

Upon those people who dress like the rainbow?

Those people gay, those people bi

Those people who, like us,

Are simply human?

Like us they live,

Like us they dream, they love,

Like us they cry.

Can blue be blamed for being blue?

Can red for being red?

Or green for being green?

The colors are but a part of nature;

And so are they, the rainbow people.

When bright colors upset the eye

It is the eye’s fault that stares,

Not the bright colors’ for being what they are,

For being simply natural.

17 thoughts on “A Rainbow Plea

  1. Lovely this piece is touching I’m not homophobic never could be but I bet this touches those who are and entangle their minds forcing them to think why are they this way? And who are they to judge someone else

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    boy with a h

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